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About Diana Claire Douglas and InSpiritWorks
Diana has led a very rich life, filled with many life experiences — daughter, mother, and now grandmother, partner, friend, counsellor, educator, artist, writer and publisher, and traveller on inner and outer journeys to sacred places.
She created InSpiritWorks in 2001. Its mission is to provide the container for Diana to express her various endeavours — educational, creative, healing, and spiritual — in serving others in their awakening process.
After living in Toronto and Kingston, ON, Santa Fe, NM, and Vancouver BC, Diana now lives in Ottawa, Canada
Diana says: I have studied many modalities of healing and transformation over 30 years. I practiced as a counsellor and energy healer in the 1980s and early ’90s. Since then, committed to following Spirit, I have been involved in studying spiritual teachings; developing my creativity and a wide variety of educational programs,and becoming a constellationwork facilitator.At this time I am weaving these strands together. offering services to heal and transform the ways we are separated from ourselves, the world and the Divine.

Dedication: I am dedicated to embodying the Sacred through the collaborative creation of a conscious, compassionate, and creative world.

 Spiritual Principles and Teachings that Sustain and Guide Diana
~ Love is our essence. Light is our core.
~ As understood in the perennial wisdom spiritual path
we are all One. We have separated ourselves from the One. The journey of awakening is to remember/return to the One.
~ We are multidimensional beings.
~ We are co-creators of reality.
~ Imagination and Creativity are Divine gifts.
~ We (the earth, humans, animals, plants, etc) are all involved individually and collectively in a process of evolution.
~ Each of us is responsible for our own lives.
~ The outside reflects the inside and the inside reflects the outside. There is no separation. The world is a mirror for us, and shows us what we are unconscious of on the inside.
~ Being in right relationship with our ancestors is necessary.
~ The game on earth is victim-tyrant-rescuer-rebel. This game makes for great unhappiness and suffering. Although it feels very real, this game is an illusion.
~ Things happen and each of us writes our own story about what it means and then we believe the story to be objectively true. We are writing our stories since before birth.
~ Life happens. In each moment we have a choice about how we will respond, and it is through these choices that we create our lives.
~ Trust, faith, joy...are all inside jobs. So is the ability to change old patterns. No one can give us these.