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Constellations with Spirit

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Individual, Family, Collective & Soul Work

Constellations with Spirit is deep, sacred and profound work. It is a slow and gentle experiential process that allows us to follow the movements of soul and Spirit.
Who does Constellations with Spirit serve?
You have “an issue” — any issue — and you are ready to make a new movement in your life:
Perhaps you feel blocked in bringing your authentic self to the world, or
You wish to not be anxious or angry all the time, or
You have “problems” with your parents, your children, money, illness, intimacy, creativity, work...
You wish to wake up and your old patterns prevent you from doing so.

“Love is understanding, understanding is love." 

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

During Constellations with Spirit sessions you have the opportunity to experience:
~ the wisdom of the “knowing field”
~ opening to the flow of love within yourself and with others
~ releasing blocks so you can follow your bliss
~ honouring your ancestors
~ gaining insight into family patterns
~ leaving old patterns, of woundedness and addictions, behind
~ knowing that you belong in your family and in the world
The Process: Although it is best to experience the Constellations with Spirit process, here is a brief description:
Using either tools (such as footprints and coloured mats) or other people as representatives for the elements in your issue, you create an image within the sacred circle or “knowing field.” This externalizes what you are carrying internally and probably unconsciously. Exploring this image allows you to see beyond you as an individual to seeing systemically: entanglements with previous generations, family members who have been excluded, sometimes trans-generational traumas that are being carried on through the living. Gently, the image shifts so you can make a movement — sometimes big, sometimes small — to be free from these entanglements and to step into your own life.
The process does involve a willingness to step into the mystery, not knowing what will emerge. It also involves a willingness to shift perspectives, to let go of how you have seen the world and allow a new perspective to emerge. It involves being responsible for your own life.
Constellations with Spirit Sessions are available one-on-one or in small groups; in person or by phone or skype.
Diana’s role as facilitator is to attune to the sacred circle or “knowing field,” to be like a hollow reed through which the information and energy of your constellation flows, to hold space for the process to evolve, and to honour your family and ancestors.
Diana says: I am so grateful for finding this work. I feel it allows me to embody all
the spiritual teachings I have been studying for years, and to integrate the many forces working through me in this lifetime.
I bow to my teachers: Bert Hellinger (the founder of Family Constellation Work) experienced through trainings with Carola Castillo, Francesca Mason Boring, Suzi Tucker and Sneh Victoria Schnabel (and others). I am deeply happy to have found my place at this time in the Constellation Family and pleased to pass on to others the gifts given in this work.

“Very profound session. I appreciate Diana’s calm presence, and quiet questions as we moved through the images. I felt huge feelings in me but felt safe to have them as she accepted whatever came up for me. I felt deeply received.   And I am feeling more in my body. It is such a profound shift, I feel it will ripple through my life forever.”


“I give my thanks to Diana for holding the space for a miracle to occur.”


“For the first time in my life the hole that has been at the centre of my being is filled up. It is a new life.”