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 “Between your personality and heaven is the artist.”
Leslie Temple-Thurston 

We are living in extraordinary times: we know that our old ways of living are destroying the planet. It is time now for each of us to become the powerful co-creative beings that we truly are. This means accepting the power of our imaginations, loving ourselves as creative beings, and dedicating these to co-creating a world filled with Love.


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~ Creativity Consulting
~ IntheFlow Intuitive Readings

~ Creativity Consulting in Writing and Publishing

Creativity Consulting
Who does Creativity Consulting serve?
You are an artist, writer, musician, healer, inventor who wishes to express your creativity more fully and freely
You have had a life-long dream to make art, music, a book…
You wish to come out of hiding as a creative person
You made a promise as a child to stay young-at-heart
You wish to find your passion
Morning Magic
In Creativity Consulting/Coaching sessions you learn:
~ to be aware and connected to your imagination and creativity and acknowledge them as powerful tools, gifts and resources
~ to understand the process of creativity which involves tapping into the Full-Spectrum Imagination™
~ to develop
creative products (books, paintings, presentations, innovative services, your life) that come from being in the creative flow
~ to benefit from being creative, including increasing your resiliency in the face of stress and the ability to move with the rapid changes that are occurring now.
Sessions are 1 to 1.5 hours long and involve your choice of talking, learning a variety of imaginative and creative processes, and playing with writing and art supplies.
Diana’s role as a coach is to pass on her love of creativity, to help release blocks to being creative, and to support you in your creative process — from inspiration to manifestation.

“Until Diana talked with me about my creativity, I would have said I wasn’t a creative person. Then I remembered when I was young, I spent every spare moment drawing and planned to be an artist when I grew up. But instead, I followed my parents’ advice and did something practical instead. Now, all these years later, I am reclaiming my creativity and imagination."


”I’m a consultant and I’ve always been able to rely on my creativity without understanding it. With Diana’s coaching, I appreciate exploring and becoming aware of what the imagination and creativity really are. I find it makes me even more creative in my work."


"By helping me access the powers of imagination, Diana rekindled my enthusiasm for a research proposal that had sat on the back burner for too long. She enabled me to envision a whole new way of clarifying and presenting my research goals to my colleagues. Thanks in large part to the inspiration provided in her coaching, I received approval for my research sabbatical."


"Have you noticed how many spiritual teachers are saying we need to be in touch with our creativity right now? They seem to be setting this as our next spiritual task. Using art-as-meditation practices, I am actually experiencing many teachings that were just ideas before — letting go of my “little” mind, no judgement…"


“Creativity is an energy that travels through your body, connecting earth and sky through your hands, feet, voice…your whole body.”
~DC Douglas

IntheFlow Intuitive Readings
In many ancient traditions it is understood that human beings have many subtle bodies — the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Diana has found that there is also a “creative body” and it is through this body that the Creative Spirit is meant to flow.
You are blocked in your creative flow — in writing, painting, dancing, playing music.
You wish to be in the flow of your creativity whether for the first time (since childhood!) or as an experienced artist.
During IntheFlow Intuitive Readings you may:
 Star Sunrise

~ experience creativity as an energy that moves through your bodies
~ learn the reasons for the blocks in your creative flow
~ learn to be in the flow of Life, manifesting your creativity into form and thus bringing your gifts to the world
Diana’s role is to observe you as you create so that she can intuitively see how the Creative Spirit flows (or not) through you. At the end of the session, Diana will share what she has observed.

“I’ve always thought of myself as a musician. But for the last few years I just have not been able to perform. With Diana’s guidance, I became much more aware of my energy, where and why it was blocked, and how to release these blocks. I actually recently performed at a special event for 300 people!”


“I have never painted before and then one day in meditation I “got” that I was to start painting! I was really afraid. But I did start painting — on very small canvasses. As Diana was watching me paint, we became aware that the energy that wanted to be seen in the paintings was huge and that I needed to work on much bigger canvasses. So I did. What a relief! I feel so much freer!”


Creativity Consulting in Writing and Publishing

We are living at a time of huge opportunity to bring our individual inspired messages to the world. We can create our message in a variety of forms — written, audio and visual. We can publish and distribute independently or through more traditional channels. There’s really nothing stopping us…we just need to trust and be devoted to the Creative Spirit moving through us.


Who does Writing and Publishing Consulting serve?

You have a great idea!

You are willing to do what it takes to manifest your unique message to the world.

You want to make a book, a CD, a video, a website…

And you are wondering, now what?


In writing and publishing coaching you experience:

~ being coached through each step of the creative process, including releasing blocks to your creative flow.

~ learning how to contact the “spirit” of your project~ learning how to write so that you bring your ideas out of your head onto paper

~ assessing your manuscript — for those who already have a first draft

~ receiving feedback from an experienced author about how your manuscript communicates with your intended audience

~ becoming more familiar with the publishing process, including the options available in how and where to publish

~ receiving support as you evolve through the stages from non-writer to writer to published author


Diana’s background:

In the mid-90s I started a small publishing house called Peanut Butter

Publishing is about making public your ideas, dreams, messages, imagination and creativity.

Publishing in Vancouver, BC. In partnership with the US office of PBP, I helped many authors self-publish their books. PBP published all kinds of books — spiritual books including autobiographies and teachings, children’s books, cookbooks, travelogues, a book on stretching, etc. I fulfilled my intention to produce books that were beautiful so that booksellers said, “I wouldn’t know that this was self-published!” I left PBP when it was time for me to attend to my own creative spirit starting with co-authoring and publishing Always Becoming-Forever!  and my angel books. I continues to write and to be a writing coach.


“I didn’t think I could write and certainly not a book! But Diana met with me weekly, giving me homework, and showed me how to take my experiences and write about them. And then she helped me find editors who helped me to go the next step. I am very happy with my book.” 


“I know I couldn’t have done my book without Diana. She gently guided me through each step in the publishing process — writing, editing, cover and text design, marketing and promotion and distribution. I learned that publishing is its own world!”