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Diana's Creativity


To find out more about how the Creative Spirit has moved through Diana’s life, see the following topics below:


Painting with Spirit!

The Imagination Project

“Creativity is my home.” ~ DCD


Becoming Books

Diana's Writings


Painting with Spirit! is a form of meditation — a way to paint from the inside-out and be connected with your soul and spirit. It is an intuitive art process that allows creative blocks to dissolve and the joy of creative expression to be experienced. To see Diana’s paintings and information about workshops and classes visit her website: Painting with Spirit!



The Imagination Project is an ongoing research project to awaken awareness of and love for the full-spectrum imagination™ where you can:

Explore: What the imagination is & how to use it
Be Inspired: In-depth interviews - Holy Fun: Conversations on the Imagination
Be Aware: of your imagination - A questionnaire for you 
Be Curious: Amazing facts and inspiring quotes
and more...
To engage with your imagination and this research project go to her website at
Full Spectrum Imagination 


Angels: Guided by her angels, Diana created Wisechild Books: “Stirring the wonder, imagination, innocence and wisdom of child-mind for healing and transformation.”Through Wisechild Books, How to Bring Angels to Earth and Angel Playtime were published.   
Diana at age 5 with her angels
Background: For years Diana has been consciously connected with her guardian angels. She experienced them as sparkles of light on her eyelids and brushes of warm air around her body. Then in 1989, she awoke from a nap in a park and found herself writing down a list of how to bring angels to earth. “I was very excited with how easily Spirit had flowed and how sweet the idea was. I knew I was to make a book, but had no idea how to do that!”
The angels have since guided her on an amazing journey — teaching her how to illustrate them and opening the world of book publishing to her. Along with the two books, she has also created prototypes for angel T-shirts, stickers, and greeting cards.
Read more about Diana’s adventures with angels here.
For the child in each of us, young or old, the angels in these hand-sized books tickle the imagination, inviting readers to laugh with them, be touched by them, and even colour them! Books are 32 pages long with 16 black and white illustrations.
Self-published by Wisechild Books. Cost $5 per book. Contact us to order books.

“I consider myself a connoisseur of angels. I’ve looked at angels for forty years and these are unique and wonderful.” Melinda, age 48


“I have a secret to tell you. I didn’t give the books to my grandkids. I have kept them in my purse and carry them everywhere with me!” Nancy, age 80

Becoming Books
In order to self publish Always Becoming — Forever! A Journal of Conscious Living/ Conscious Dying by Clare M Buckland and Diana C Douglas, Diana established Becoming Books.
Read Diana’s expression of appreciation and love for Clare read at Clare’s memorial service in November, 2009.
Always Becoming — Forever! is a book with two voices. The first belongs to Clare, a women then in her eighties and in good health, who felt the call to turn inward, and to prepare herself for conscious dying. The second voice belongs to Diana, a woman in mid-life, who was Clare’s witness through this journey. They were inspired to begin this project when spiritual teacher Leslie Temple-Thurston shared with Clare (when she was still in good health) that she was moving into a retirement home in order to prepare for conscious dying. “What is conscious dying, anyway!” they asked each other. In beginning this search, they brought with them their faith, their commitments to do their souls’ work, and their care and trust for each other. For almost three years, through meditation, readings and dialogue, they contemplated what it means to prepare for conscious dying — and conscious living. Always Becoming — Forever! is the fruit of that contemplation.
As a reader you follow Clare’s journey through her journals, letters, and dreams as she shifts from preparing for physical death to
Clare and Diana

realizing that conscious dying has more to do with allowing old patterns to die. Clare shows us how, in her experience, living and dying are not
opposites, but rather part of the wholeness of our transformational journeys. And, Diana shows what it is to be a loving witness of someone on such a deep journey.
Self–published by Becoming Books in 1999. We are delighted that the 1000-copy print run has been sold. Used books are available from; Click here for an excerpt from Always Becoming — Forever!

“I thank you for the honour of letting me visit your soul so intimately.”  
~ Marion Woodman"


I continue to be surprised and delighted by this book. I think it should be on the "must list" of just about everyone. I especially hope that ministers and counselors are aware of it.  It is an invaluable resource."  ~ Dorothy Walters, retired professor and author of Marrow of Flame: Poems of the Spiritual Journey.


Diana's Writings

Articles coming soon...
Angel of Life and Death 
What is waking up? 
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Changetime Woman