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Soul Talk

Be witnessed and guided as you explore the depth of your soul.

A new paradigm is emerging in the healing arts. We are moving from healing as therapy based on the premise: “There’s a problem, how do I fix it?” to spirit-infused sessions based on the understanding that “We are whole and complete as we are. Now, how do we live this truth?”

“It takes two to speak truth ~ one to speak it and the other to listen.”

Who does Soul Talk serve?
You long to connect with your Soul and Essence.
You are someone who is asking Life’s big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Whom am I serving? What are my gifts?
You are willing to take responsibility for your own life. This means you are willing to own all aspects of who you are — your light and your shadow.
You wish to explore your soul’s journey as you go through life’s many transitions.
You want to make a difference by participating in the conscious evolution of yourself, others and the planet.
You are ready to deepen your commitment to your spiritual life while living in the ordinary world.
Through Soul Talk sessions you experience:
~ who you are as a multi-dimensional being
~ listening to your soul
~ learning about new tools and maps you can use for your spiritual journey
~ exploring many pathways to the Divine
~ experimenting with several kinds of meditation practices, including inner 
   (sitting) practices and expressive practices
~ finding acceptance for what has been, integrating what is and transforming for  
   what will be.
~ integrating the new perspectives arising from Constellations with Spirit sessions
The Process: Soul Talk sessions involve a mix of talking, energy work, experiential exercises, expressive meditation practices, CoreLight processing tools and the integration of Constellations with Spirit Sessions.
Soul Talk Sessions are available one-on-one or in small groups; in person or by phone or skype.
Diana’s role as facilitator and guide is to be your soul’s witness, to help you create your spiritual toolkit, to ask deep and penetrating questions, and to be
Journey to the Stillpoint
aware of the big picture as we work personally and for the collective.
Diana says: I have studied many modalities of healing and transformation over 30 years. I practiced as a counsellor and energy healer in the 1980s and early ’90s. Since then, committed to following Spirit, I have been involved in studying spiritual teachings; developing my creativity and a wide variety of educational programs,and becoming a Constellations with Spirit facilitator. At this time I am weaving these strands together, offering services to heal and transform the ways we are separated from ourselves, the world and the Divine.
I bow to my teacher, Leslie Temple-Thurston, who has been my spiritual guide for many years. Her teachings on how to clear the shadow and clear egoic consciousness are a great gift to humanity.
Other teachers who I wish to honour include Thich Nhat Hanh, Pat Watt, Bethal Phaigh, Anne Wilson Schaef, Roslyn Bruyere, Deb Kier, Beth Hin and Joan Halifax.

“I appreciate Diana’s gentle manner as she guided me with her questions and her intuition."

"Diana asks the kind of questions that open doorways for me to find my own answers.”

"I feel Diana can relate to my life. And yet she opens possibilities I never would have imagined.”