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Diana Claire Douglas offers experiential classes, workshops, and retreats using the Constellation with Spirit process, dialogue, story, expressive meditation practices (such as writing, painting, dancing and collaging) and ritual & ceremony.
Individual classes and workshops are offered privately (in participants’ homes or in a venue arranged by a host or Diana). Diana is happy to travel to various locations.
These classes, workshops, and retreats have been designed to be flexible and can be offered as evening, half-day, full-day, two-day, or longer events. Groups (even small groups), organizations, and colleges may request retreats classes and workshops on a specific topic not listed below.
If you would like to host Diana and schedule an event in your area, please contact her for more information.

Examples of Topics:
Constellations with Spirit: Systemic Constellations
~ Small group intensives to introduce the process
~ Small group intensives on specific themes such as:
   “Opening to the Flow of Love,” “Experiencing the Knowing Field.”
~ Constellations for Creatives
Creating with Spirit!
~ Creating Your Spiritual Toolkit
~ Writing with Spirit

The Full-Spectrum Imagination

“What is the imagination, really?” Find out more about the imagination and Diana’s workshops at

The Divine/Woman Dialogue

The Sacred Feminine is re-emerging. Have you been hearing Her call? How is She speaking to you? How is She speaking through you? In this retreat we will honour the Sacred Feminine as she is calling to each of us. We will use experiential processes that explore myth and modern archetypal story through discussion, body prayer, art, writing and ritual.

Resiliency Project: 8 Keys for Self-Care in Stressful/Changing Times

“What are my core strengths/resources and how do I develop them?”

As changes and the stresses associated with change continue to accelerate
and impact our personal and professional lives, we need to find
the inner strength and flexibility to move with change. Resiliency is not
soldiering on no matter what - which can become workaholism - but the
ability to hold our inner core light in the face of life circumstances.
In this workshop we use creative exercises to access our own stories
of resiliency, explore the 8 keys to inner resiliency and discuss how these
apply in our personal and professional lives.


Diana’s background
Since the early 1980s, Diana has been offering educational programs on imagination, creativity, healing and transformation for individuals and groups. She
 Jump for Joy
has facilitated groups and taught classes privately and for schools, colleges and organizations in Canada and the US. A sample of the topics include: Time to Heal: Moving Through Loss and Grief; Caring for Caregivers; Conscious Living/Conscious Dying; Healing the Inner Child; The Publishing Process: Becoming an Author/ Publishing a Book; LifeWriting: Telling the Stories of your Life, Nourishing Our Souls
Diana says: Trusting that everything a participant needs resides within the individual and his or her field, my role as facilitator is to co-create the space and safety for participants to find their own truths through their own experiences.
The model I use is individual-in-community (the group is the container for individual exploration). I also believe in the importance of combining experiential


exercises, expressive practices (writing, art, dance, ritual) with insights and intuition in order to transform and heal.

“As a facilitator there is no doing for others. It is about being fully present and holding sacred space.” ~ DCD

Fierce Mama, Beautiful Baby
I bow to the facilitators who have shown me the way:
The Guild for Psychological Studies in San Francisco; Anne Wilson Schaef and her Living Process Facilitation Training, Pat Watt and The God/Woman Dialogues; Women’s Ritual Circles in Kingston, Santa Fe and Vancouver; and Mary Elizabeth Mason, dear friend with whom I have co-facilitated workshops since the late 1980s.


"When you were working with me, there might not have been anyone else in the room.    I felt totally safe, held and supported…You were gentle and kind with all of us and filled with lightness and humor as well."